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Gary Klein, Accountant M.S.

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    For every debit there must be a credit...                 GaryKleinMS@gmail.com

     I have helped clients in various industries process their business transactions in a more efficient manner.  The gamut of industries covered includes: banking, high-tech, retail, construction, real estate, property management, medical, employment, non-profits, recreation, bio-technology, etc.  

     We are able to generate accurate & timely monthly financial statements, file the annual tax return without interest or late penalities & survive the annual audit.  Due diligence accomplishing these goals entails detailed general ledger & bank reconciliations, internal auditing & data integrity procedures, master level financial statement analysis + customizing or tweaking the accounting software to make implementation feasible.

       I'm familiar with most accounting software packages on the market including, Quickbooks, Peachtree, MAS, Prosystem, Great Plains, Turbo Tax, Lacerte, Paycomm, ADP, Paychex & the entire MS Office suite.  I enjoy the challenge of complex financial analysis but also like to roll up my sleeves and do some of the more repetitive tasks. 

     We can serve as the bridge between your manangement team and your CPA.  We'll generate

a clean set of books over the course of the calendar year.  You can either turn them over to your public

accountant at year end (or) we're competant & well versed at filing the returns for you.  Leave the details to us.  We'll sweat all the small things so you have time to manage your business! 


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